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The Harris Family

Note: Some words are bad written on purpose, example: sorry = sorrey, you = yeh or those = thoes. Btw all of this story is fiction and also I write for fun, so it may not be perfect writing

“Tom come here, the dinner it’s ready” yelled a mid-aged woman. While the woman settled the table. In a river near a small white cottage a boy played with some rocks and toys.

“Charlie do ya think girls are nice?” asked Tom.

“I suppose, mostly they kinda mental” said Charlie “Who’s the bird?” the boy blushed.

“I like no one”

“Who’s this no one?”


“Tom dinner is ready, where to are you Tom?” yelled again Tom’s mom.

“Yeh better go lad, see yeh”

“Bye Charlie” Tom picked up his toys and went to his home. Tom really liked Charlie, he is older than him and that’s why he haven’t told his mammy ‘bout him. His mom would go bonkers if she knew he’d been talking to a young man.

As I saide before, Tom lives in a small white cottage in North Wales. Tom’s mom is welsh and Tom’s dad is english. Most of the time Mr. Harris ain’t home, only through weekends or sometimes neither. This happens cuz his dad works in Birmingham. Tom doesn’t have siblings so he got bored inside his house and started sneaking out to until her mom didn’t minde him going. Mrs. Harris doesn’t really like him to go outside, she’s afraid of the outside cuz her husband ain’t home to protect her from the dangerous people.

Tom met Charlie in the river. He was sitting on the riverbank all wet. Tom wasn’t a daft boy, he was pretty clever but still he couldn’t help wanting to talk to him. At first Tom turned around and went the opposite direction of Charlie. The next day he went to the exact same point at the same hour to see if he was there, and indeed he was. Charlie was laying all wet while he hummed a random song he just created. The next few days Tom went there only to stare at Charlie, it went like this until a week passed.

“Oi boi, do yeh want to snog me o’ wha?” Tom blushed feeling dumb “Will yeh keep starin’ like a weirdo, yeh weirdo?”

“SORREY” yelled Tom “I didn’t mean to, I was just curious of what you do here everyday” Charlie smiled and pointed a post near him. Tom approached him

“I’m yer fella Charlie, yeh?” said offering his hand. Tom accepted if and said:

“My name is Tom Harris”

“Yeh so formal Tom”

“I suppose”

After that they really became friends, joking around or chatting while they laid near the riverbank was their thing. At some point Tom was curious of knowing Charlies age, he may guess he was between seventeen to nineteen yo but he could be wrong.

“How old are ya?”

“seventeen, just a month for eighteen. And you my little fella, you must be twelve”

“Almost, am a big boy too. I’m thirteen” Charlie ruffled Tom’s hair.

“Indeed yeh are” The sun started setting and Charlie couldn’t help but to watch “Sometimes yeh feel like my lil’ brawd, perhaps yeh were”

“Ya an idiot big brawd” Tom smiled and Charlie smiled back.

“They saye the older sibling is cleverer, so yeh the idiot” Tom laughed “It’s dark, go home lad before yeh mother goe’ mental”


“Tom will you bring me the newspaper?” asked Mr. Harris.

“Yes Mr Harris” Tom’s dad liked formal, even if Tom was his son, he didn’t liked it to be called dad or father. Sometimes Tom thought his dad didn’t like him. Tom ain’t wrong, not at all. He went and picked up the newspaper from the mailbox and gave it to his dad.

“So Tom, are you dating a girl?” asked Mr Harris.

“Um no, why you asking?”

“Your mother says you always go outside at the same hour. It’s not wrong for you dating a girl, you know? Just check this bird ain’t mental as your mother” Tom didn’t answer, he felt a lump in his throat. His dad didn’t like his mum.


“Ain’t yeh goin’ to tell me?” asked Charlie while he walked around.

“‘bout what?” asked Tom.

“The girl” Charlie rolled his eyes “bout the bird yeh like”

“I don’t like a girl, I just met one”

“So there is a girl? How does she look like?” Charlie sat on a rock and patted a spot next to him so Tom could sit.

“I met her before yesterday while I was in my way to here. She is blonde with brown eyes and used a red hood”

“Meeting red riding hood, yeh wolv?

“Ya an arsehole”

“Oi manners” Charlie playfully punched Tom’s arm and Tom laughed “Don’t yeh wish things wer forever?” Tom stared a Charlie curiously while Charlie stared at the river.

“I never thought” Charlie turned to Tom and said:

“O’ course yeh never” Charlie smiled at Tom and he stood up and went into the river.

“Are ya okay?” asked Tom.

“Not a’ all, but I’m happy I met yeh”


“Oi Tom” Tom stared at Charlie “Will yeh like me if I told yeh my darkest secret?”

“I will like ya even if you were obnoxious as my math teacher”

“Yeh know, some boys like boys an’ some girls like girls. I like boys like thoes boys” Charlie saide with doubts and fear in his eyes.

“That means there are more girls for me” Tom smiled and Charlie smiled back.

“Oi shuddup yeh can’t even snog that blondie” Tom poked out his tongue “By the way, I got this wonderful boyfriend and I’ll yeh to meet him”

“If ya want to, what does for parents think ‘bout your boyfriend?” Charlie’s smile disappeared

“My father doesn’t support it but my mother is very pleased bout him, she sayes his a good fella an’ indeed he is”

“Your little brother supports you too” Tom hugged him and Charlie hugged him back.

“Thank you Tom, you are the best brother I can have”


“You are bloody sick and all of this writing is the cause you are sick. You couldn’t even take care of our children. You only had this one job, and it was being a good wife. But you failed it, because of this thinking. This is for men, not women. This is all fault of these mental feminists with this dafts protests. Women’s rights my arse. But you know what? I’m knackered, just go faffing around like the stupid women you are” yelled Mr Harris while he exited the cottage.

“Please don’t leave me, I love you” cried Mrs Harris. Mr Harris ignored her and slammed the door exiting the cottage and getting on his 1970 Cadillac DeVille straight to Birmingham.

Margaret Thompson Williams married John Harris Taylor when she was sixteen in 1950. John married Margaret because she was going to have a baby boy, his name was Charlie Harris Thompson. They used to be a happy family. Margaret had another child four years later, his name was Tom Elis Harris Thompson.

Problems began when Charlie was eight. Mr Harris started to notice homosexual tendencies on his son Charlie whenever his friends where around, clearly his father wasn’t happy ‘bout this. Mr Harris started finding a place to heal his sickness, he wanted to take Charlie right away to a psychiatrist. Margaret persuaded her husband to wait until he was ten and see if his manners has been corrected. A few days before Charlies tenth birthday he overheard his father talking through the telephone. Charlie couldn’t help but to be afraid of being sent away, so he legged it from his home. Margaret was awfully sad about this but, Mr Harris was angry and slightly relieved.

Mr and Mrs Harris lost the plot when Tom died. Tom he liked going yo the river near his house everyday. He met there with a blonde girl whose name was Amelia Roberts. They liked playing and talking. Everything was fine until the spring of April 24 in 1967. That day Tom and Amelia had an play at school of red riding hood; Amelia was red riding hood, Tom was the woodcutter. Them both went straight to the river after the play, it was their worst decision. A bad man was there and saw them both. To make it short this bad man raped those children ‘till death, after that throwing their bodies to the river. The Harris and Roberts family were worried for their children. All hope of them being alive were gone when a women when to was her families clothes to the river and found the bodies, they were stuck with some rocks.

After that tragic incident Margaret Harris Thompson started writing in a notebook. She was sad, so sad she starting creating a world where both of her sons where alive and they where friends. Everything you’ve read before was fake, was the imagination of a sad women who loved her sons so much. John Harris her husband left her the winter of 1970.

In March of 1971 her eldest song Charlie went to met her with his boyfriend. Margaret looked so weak and this made Charlie upset. Charlie’s mother was bonkers, she didn’t differentiated truth from lies, she believed the stories her mind has made, but still seeing Charlie again was the best thing had ever happened after her sons birth. Charlie explained his mother how an elderly and nice women took care of him after his runaway.

“Charlie where to is Tom?” asked Margaret.

“His in the river playing with my boyfriend mum” lied Charlie.

“Your brother must feel third wheeler”

“Don’t worry Tom got a nice girlfriend who is with him all the time”

“I’m glad Charlie you came here to visit me, I’ve been alone since I don’t know when” Charlie was so upset but tried his best to look happy while he lied to her about stories of him and Tom’s life together. That night Margaret took some rat’s poison and committed suicide. That night and the next few days were the worst of my life.

— Charlie Harris Thompson