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On the Shore of Acheron

Before you continue Reading:

I just write for fun, this short story may not be that good. It’s just acceptable

Once upon a time there was a mortal whose spirit was on the edge of the underworld. She was lonely and that caused her great pain. She wasn't always like this; she used to be full life and happiness. Her loneliness began with her soul which little by little was drowning in Acheron. Her friends, realized her isolation, they left her alone because they thought she no longer loved them. Since then her loneliness has been killing her.

As her body wandered, she saw something that caught her attention; a fair full of happiness. The mortal thought that perhaps that would make her less miserable.

That same day at the fair she found something that she’d lost; friends. She had made friends. The friendship offering that they made, saved her from continuing to drown in that river of pain into which she threw herself.

She was very fond of her friends, especially one. Maybe she had fallen in love with her. She wasn't the cutest mortal in the world, but she wasn't the ugliest either. Her friend was very smart. The mortal could only think that her friend is perfect. The mortal was happy only with friendship, she was afraid of losing it because of Cupid. She knew well that Anteros was not on her side.

The mortal and her friend eventually became very close. They went together to a lake to read, paint or chat. Sometimes they just lay together to watch the sunset. They were happy.

Everything was fine, until one day she and her other friends found out. Mors had taken her platonic love. It felt horrible and sad. Why were the gods so cruel to her? she asked while crying. Before burying the girl, the friends put a mite under her tongue so that she would not be left in the river of pain. And the mortal says to the cold body: "Wait for me on the shore of Acheron, to go with you to Lette and thus, perhaps Pluto will let our spirits reincarnate."

The mortal decided that before Mors took her away, she would not waste her short life in pain. She would seek help from someone who understood her to be able to go after her platonic love.