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Jokes on me, it ain't looking nice

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Welcome my good fellows!

Hiya! My nickname is GothicKitten415. You can call me yeni or nikonia.
Well this is my first website.
I'm practicing and trying to improve it. Now its looking quite proper, still kinda ugly

Hoping ya'll like it
Love GothicKitten415

Lol this looking bad on phone

What can I visit in the navigation Menu

For now I recommend checking the writing area. Also the Navigation Menu is at the end like a footer. I applied this only for the stories.

Update History

Creation: June 6, 2021
First Update: June 8
Rest of updates
June 9
June 15
June 22
July 27
July 30
August 10
September 10
September 12
September 20
Ya'll can see the CCS on here

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